Development Roadmap for avecdo

Expected release dates

Week 17-18 2020 (avecdo CORE) (postponed due to technical issues)
* 01911 Custom Labels for Google Shopping
* 01912 More fields for Google Shopping feed: Color, Gender, Size etc.
Week 16-17 2020 (Plugin)
* 01909 Woocommerce Plugin update - better support for Shipping features.
* 01914 Magento 2.0 extension [BETA version 0.0.1 release)
* 01922 NEW CHANNEL: Pinterest product feed

Future features

Currently we have a lot of requests, not added deadline yet. However if you request it too – it will be prioritized higher.

* 01923 avecdo CORE: Sanitize description and title option
* 01924 avecdo CORE: Remind people to rebuild datafeeds after changing settings
* 01925 avecdo CORE: Text enrichment improvements - add all known attributes
* 01926 avecdo CORE: Text enrichment improvements - enable a "never ending" feature
* 01927 avecdo CORE: Multiple feeds for each channel with various settings per feed.
* 01928 avecdo CORE: Make it possible to exclude / disable shipping price per channel.
* 01929 avecdo CORE: Support multilanguage per shop automatically * 01930 Prestashop: Data Downloader - fetch free shipping starts at {PRICE}
* 01931 Prestashop: Improve primary and secondary pictures support * 01932 Woocommerce: Support multilanguage via WPML - to feed to multiple languages to multiple avecdo shop instances. * 01933 Woocommerce: Better Support for Shipmondo

— More features added shortly – request features by mailing us at


Latest complete

avecdo Release – 28. april 2020
* NOID Fix solving shipping price on a few Google Shopping feed imported shops

avecdo Release – 21. april 2020
* 01934 NEW CHANNEL: DBA (Den blå avis) 

Our Pipeline

It is very important – that you, as a user of avecdo, knows something about what we have in our pipeline. 

Request changes and features today

If you have requests for features –  please send them to today. We will do our very best to get your ideas developed in avecdo as well

We have just put our product feed up. It was super easy and we got a really nice help throughout the setup. Thor in support was immediately updated avecdo's plugin to handle our products ex. VAT. Super service.

Gitte Lund Henriksen  Long4Lashes

We have been using Avecdo for a long time at, we have been very pleased with the product and when we need help they have unusually good support.

Morten Ipsen  Batteriforsyning

Needed help generating feeds. Got a recommendation of avecdo, and 2 hours later we were going. With great help from their highly competent support. So my clear recommendation of avecdo.

Ronni Andersen  Kings & Queens

We have used avecdo for over a year, it's super easy to set up, the software at our shop is also very effective and has not given any problems, as such, something else always gives, it's delicious that it just works.

Anders Bagnegaard Kristensen  Mac Kabler

I have used avecdo since the summer of 2017. A few questions about The setup of Avecdo was quickly explained to the perfection of the support. I've had a simple issue about the feed but it was also very fast fixed.

Kasimir Nikolajsen

A super smart solution for getting a webshop widely used. And then the customer service is just amazing. It is highly recommended to use avecdo.

Daniel Jørgensen

avecdo is just a smart tool for everything called product feed because it's so easy to use without creating a lot of duplicate content.

Tommy Nielsen  Monis skildpadder