Development Roadmap for avecdo

Expected release dates

Week 17-18 2020 (avecdo CORE) (postponed due to technical issues)
* 01911 Custom Labels for Google Shopping
* 01912 More fields for Google Shopping feed: Color, Gender, Size etc.
Week 16-17 2020 (Plugin)
* 01909 Woocommerce Plugin update - better support for Shipping features.
* 01914 Magento 2.0 extension [BETA version 0.0.1 release)
* 01922 NEW CHANNEL: Pinterest product feed

Future features

Currently we have a lot of requests, not added deadline yet. However if you request it too – it will be prioritized higher.

* 01923 avecdo CORE: Sanitize description and title option
* 01924 avecdo CORE: Remind people to rebuild datafeeds after changing settings
* 01925 avecdo CORE: Text enrichment improvements - add all known attributes
* 01926 avecdo CORE: Text enrichment improvements - enable a "never ending" feature
* 01927 avecdo CORE: Multiple feeds for each channel with various settings per feed.
* 01928 avecdo CORE: Make it possible to exclude / disable shipping price per channel.
* 01929 avecdo CORE: Support multilanguage per shop automatically * 01930 Prestashop: Data Downloader - fetch free shipping starts at {PRICE}
* 01931 Prestashop: Improve primary and secondary pictures support * 01932 Woocommerce: Support multilanguage via WPML - to feed to multiple languages to multiple avecdo shop instances. * 01933 Woocommerce: Better Support for Shipmondo

— More features added shortly – request features by mailing us at


Latest complete

avecdo Release – 28. april 2020
* NOID Fix solving shipping price on a few Google Shopping feed imported shops

avecdo Release – 21. april 2020
* 01934 NEW CHANNEL: DBA (Den blå avis) 

Our Pipeline

It is very important – that you, as a user of avecdo, knows something about what we have in our pipeline. 

Request changes and features today

If you have requests for features –  please send them to today. We will do our very best to get your ideas developed in avecdo as well

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