Easy connection (feeds) from your e-commerce platform

It has never been easier to get your products displayed on many channels and get much more sales.

You only need a single plugin / module on your shop – which then creates feed connection to many channels – so you can create sales quickly, easily and simply – most often without any challenges. Moreover, it does not put much pressure on your site and thus does not decrease your rankings in the searchengine results.

Get product feeds for many sales channels without having technical knowledge.

It is easy, fast and often requires no technical skills to establish a connection between your e-commerce platform and avecdo. More than 10,000 hours have been used to create the most simple solution – which is easy to go to for for everyone, whether you have been in the shop industry for 20 years or just started.

We have developed several “plug and play” plugins for the major e-commerce platforms, ensuring that the relevant product data is correctly transmitted over – completely automatically.

Currently, we offer plugins for the following e-commerce platforms among others…

Productfeeds for Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, ThirtyBees, Dandomain, Wannafind, Golden Planet and many others

To name just a few, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, ThirtyBees, Dandomain, Wannafind, Golden Planet and many others.

The product feed plugin or link to avecdo is all you need

When you set up an account on avecdo, we ask you to install our plugin so that we can automatically retrieve product information from your store .. We collect your data, for example your product data and categories continuously, along with changed prices and pictures and many other attributes.

Don’t worry about what’s happening and why, it all happens while you’re doing other important things. In addition, you are always sure that we take care of your data and do everything possible to avoid leakage of data and prices to unknown sources.

We do not answer questions from consultants of your shop – without they have being created in avecdo and linked/affiliated with your shop in avecdo – as consultants here – to manage your product feeds

Which webshops and platforms supports avecdo

We offer plugins, modules, extensions and APIs as well as other connections to the following e-commerce platforms, in fact, we cover about 90% of all global webshop systems and open source systems used world wide.

Magento, Prestashop, WordPress with Woocommerce, ThirtyBees, Smartweb, Dandomain, Shopify, Hostedshop, Scannet, Wannafind and Golden Planet – just to mention a few…

And as a backup solution – if you do not have one of these extensions, you can always get your data into avecdo via a Google Shopping feed – or have your developer connect our SDK to your shop.

A product feed plugin or link to avecdo - is all you need

After linking the webshop to avecdo

When your webshop is connected to avecdo, product data can easily be enriched in the feeds with the associated apps in avecdo – write texts and the like – see examples of our additional features here.

  • Text enhancements at several levels – product or global level text.
  • Picture canvas for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Price adjustments to marketplaces.

We have just put our product feed up. It was super easy and we got a really nice help throughout the setup. Thor in support was immediately updated avecdo's plugin to handle our products ex. VAT. Super service.

Gitte Lund Henriksen

We have been using Avecdo for a long time at batteryforsyning.dk, we have been very pleased with the product and when we need help they have unusually good support.

Morten Ipsen

Needed help generating feeds. Got a recommendation of avecdo, and 2 hours later we were going. With great help from their highly competent support. So my clear recommendation of avecdo.

Ronni Andersen

We have used avecdo for over a year, it's super easy to set up, the software at our shop is also very effective and has not given any problems, as such, something else always gives, it's delicious that it just works.

Anders Bagnegaard Kristensen

I have used avecdo since the summer of 2017. A few questions about The setup of Avecdo was quickly explained to the perfection of the support. I've had a simple issue about the feed but it was also very fast fixed.

Kasimir Nikolajsen

A super smart solution for getting a webshop widely used. And then the customer service is just amazing. It is highly recommended to use avecdo.

Daniel Jørgensen