SmartWeb Product Feed Integration

Integrate avecdo with SmartWeb and experience how simple it is to create and optimize your product feeds for many channels.

avecdo optimize your SmartWeb product feed for trading channels like PriceRunner, Facebook and Google Shopping – by just one click

What is SmartWeb?

SmartWeb is a user-friendly and Danish-developed web shop system that contains everything you need to start a webshop. They do all the technical for you so you can concentrate on selling your goods! In fact, their webshop platform is so user-friendly and easy that you can be up and running with your webshop in just 1 day!

SmartWeb stands out by having free Danish support, which helps you in the very goal of setting up your webshop. They take you by the hand and offer support in all the different steps you need to get into the air with your webshop.

They also help you set up your e-mail, what you need to do with your domain, how to receive online payment on your webshop. SmartWeb even has a set of trading conditions that you can just use. It helps to emphasize that we are an all-in-one webshop!

Why integrate avecdo with SmartWeb?

Integrate avecdo with your SmartWeb store and manage how your product information is displayed on external trading channels. Create your SmartWeb product feed in one simple click with avecdo, for immediate use. This makes it quick and easy to display and market your products on Facebook, Google Shopping, PriceRunner and many other trading channels.

The product information from your web shop is automatically adapted to the individual trading channels. In this way, your products will be displayed under relevant product categories and found by consumer search queries.

It doesn’t require any technical skills to manage your SmartWeb product feed with avecdo. The integration makes it easy for you and your web shop to enter new, and optimize current, trading channels.

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