Smart product feed features

avecdo keeps all of your your products up to date in avecdo and make sure your channels gets the right data at the right time – avecdo also has a number of great features that improve the quality of your product feeds, so they perform much better than any other feed services at any channels.

We have a number of features that improve the quality of your feeds for Facebook Dynamic Ads and Instragram, Google Ads and Google Shopping, Wupti Marketplace, Pricerunner and many other channel feeds. You can easily earn significantly much more on your web shop / e-commerce site, as each channel most likely will increase your sales by 10-40% each.

Do as 1,000 others already did – and connect with avecdo today.

Category Mapping for Feeds

The biggest trading platforms such as Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram, Pricerunner, Kelkoo and Miinto are great sources at ensuring extra visibility and a boom in sales.

However, it’s often that your products are placed in the wrong categories. If you sell blazers, it is important for you that your products are shown in the category “Blazers” at for example Pricerunner, and not only in the broad category “Jackets”. avecdo requires and gives you the opportunity to link your product categories with the predefined categories, so your product feeds are spot on.

Improve feed with unique selling product texts

When the popular shopping platforms show the exact same product titles and description as on your webshop, it can mean a degraded ranking on Google in search results. avecdo gives you the unique opportunity to write unique titles and descriptions for each platform so you don’t experience a bad ranking. This will save you from future issues and resource-intensive work, and save you from duplicate content. Also your product feeds is protected so you won’t experience a data leak to unwanted sources.

Easily create feed and API Integration

We have developed several plugins and API integrations for all the popular ecommerce solutions, for example Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento and several others, allowing you to quickly and easily connect avecdo directly to your webshop with just a few clicks. Search for avecdo under plugins in your ecommerce system and integrate our service in seconds. You can also find the sources at

You can even import a Google Shopping feed into avecdo and manipulate this with all the tools mentioned above.

If you are in the situation that you have a tailor-made ecommerce solution, just worry. We have an SDK solution that your programmer can easily integrate in your custom coded solutions, otherwise Modified Solutions might be able to assist you for a fee.

Image manipulation for channels

You can easily use our tool for manipulating the images for for example Facebook and Instagram – so the images have call to action texts on image – prices, logo or brands and many other features. Take a look at the Facebook Canvas page for a nice little preview. This little free app inside avecdo – will easily improve your sales 20 % on Facebook and Instagram.

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