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Each shopping channel has unique requirements for how your product feed should be structured, but with avecdo, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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Social Media Sales – Many People / High Visibility.
The channel is good for most products where you sell based on visibility and the amount of people watching the goods. It costs per click and is paid directly to Facebook, where the price is often a low cost per click. It can be adjusted individually, however, we recommend that you contact one of our consultants on how to make the most of Facebook marketing.

See more on Facebook Business and watch the video on our Facebook channel page here – it’s very easy to get started. When you have your product feed that is intended for Facebook, it must be copied into Facebook Business Manager, and then you are ready to go.

Google Shopping

Searches on Google + directly in the Google Shopping Portal = many people / very visibility.
You often use Google Shopping and Facebook together, as they have very similar features, and there is much help to get if you get stuck.

Google Shopping is by far a price comparison page, where the easiest way to sell is often the most expensive – it’s best to be among the top five to get the chance to harvest as many customers and as much traffic as possible.

It costs per click to get your traffic from Google Shopping like on Facebook. Here we also recommend consulting one of our consultants to get the right settings from the start.

See more at Google Merchants and our channel page about Google here.


Marketplace for clothes
Miinto is primarily a marketplace for exclusive clothing and accessories from well-known brands.

It can be complicated to be created on Miinto, if you do not have a decided fire. In addition, a percentage of the sale is paid in order for you to be displayed on Miinto.

However, it is a portal where it is relatively easy to get sales to your shop.

There are approximately 2,000 brands and 90,000 different products from only Danish webshops and stores. Read more on Miinto’s page or on our info page about Miinto.


Price comparison page where the customer will search the products directly by name.
PriceRunner is often right in the search engines, and most Danes know that they can search for individual products in PriceRunner. PriceRunner is really good at products where you know that you are among the cheapest on the market. There is a very large customer base. See more at or get more information here.

PriceRunner automatically receives the file when you associate this channel with your account at avecdo, and they provide the rest of the setup.

For more information on PriceRunner UK, please contact: Peter Wulff Petersen at Email or Tel: +45 20 88 61 81.


Price comparison
Kelkoo is a price comparison page and is very much like PriceRunner and a Shopping Page. The end user will search the products by name or find them in categories.

Kelkoo will be a great choice when selling the goods cheaper than the competitors. In addition, Kelkoo is on the market in 22+ countries. One can only win by using Kelkoo because there are not a lot of shops on the site.

Kelkoo ranks very well in search engines. See more at and also on our Kelkoo channel page where we go a little more in depth.


An affiliate program and network of writers and website owners.
Partner ads allow you to advertise other sites, blogs and stores on the web for your goods against a percentage of the sale, where you decide to rate the percentage (for example, 10-15% of sales).

When you create Partner ads through avecdo, an email is automatically sent to Partner ads, after which Ken contacts you and helps you get started. See more at or on our information page. See also our YouTube Video on Partner Ads.


Comparison page for computers and equipment.
Compware focuses primarily on hardware and software, but also other underneath pages: desktop computers, graphics cards, mouse, processors, frames, tablets, portable and so on. You can see dealer pages, brands, guides and much more. See more at .


A system designed for loyalty emails.
You can boost your revenue significantly by using their many features and triggers – by making automation and marketing automation. Throughout their system, end customers who match your adjustments are able to purchase your items.

It works a bit like newsletters, where they effectively remind the end user that you are on the market. It can also be done through SMS gateways and other forms of reminders.

See more at or our channel page about Heyloyalty.


Wishlist app
A service that accepts the end user’s wishes and notifies them when a matching product comes for sale or shows them the product. See more at


Primary clothing and fashion sales.
Trendsales is a marketplace for clothing, which also sells other products such as jewelry and things like interior and electronics to the living room. An example page can be seen here. You can also read more on our channel page about Trendsales.

Trendsales has almost a million users and half a million ads online, selling both new and used clothes through the system, making it easy to get customers here. In addition, it costs a very limited amount (compared to eg. Miinto) for the sale and traffic of your shop.


Let us take the wheel on your Google Shopping Ads journey. Once your feed is uploaded, we’ll expertly manage your ads, seamlessly connecting users to your latest products. Our mission? To supercharge your traffic and boost your sales. Simply keep your feed up to date with fresh product info and prices. You’re in control. Read more on Delupe’s page or on our info page about Delupe.