Facebook Product Feed

Sign up for avecdo and connect your webshop to Facebook Business Manager in no time. With just one click, avecdo helps you make a Facebook product feed.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a platform that enables companies to monitor and manage their ad accounts, Pages, Pixel, Apps, and Product Catalog in a simple,easy and useful place. Facebook Business Manager is separate from the personal version of Facebook.

With Business Managers Product Catalog, online stores can use Facebook to advertise their products with the added benefit of being updated every single hour – directly from your product feed.

Why use a Facebook Product Feed?

Business Manager will allow you to create a product catalog with personalized product information, stock numbers and trustworthy prices – directly from your online store. There are really many benefits to doing this through Facebook’s platform beyond their already huge crowds of customers.

Dynamic ads will automatically display products from selected categories to all users who visit or have visited your website in the past. In addition, like “tagging” someone on Facebook, the products can be referred to in your posts without having to add a link. This allows for a fast and professional ad appearance.

Advertising on a site like Facebook, that is already used by millions – allows consumers to make purchases in comfortable and confidential environments – a perfect environment for all online stores!

Facebook is constantly developing new, innovative and smart solutions for the advertisers, including for your webshops – so you can sell more and get better results. Including that you can “tag” their products in line to link to them. This makes the experience of Facebook campaigns much better.

In addition, you can also create dynamic ads, etc. inside avecdo along with Facebook image canvases that improves selling ratio by at least 30-40 % extra. Visit Facebook Business Manager.

How to Create a Product Catalog in Facebook Business Manager

Install and activate the avecdo plugin

  1. Create a user or sign in
  2. Open the Business Manager Settings and select 'Catalogue' on the left side
  3. Click "Data sources" and select "Add items"
  4. Select "Use bulk upload" and "Scheduled feed"
  5. Enter your XML feed from avecdo into the Facebook field "Enter Feed URL"
  6. Select an update time appropriate for you, add a name to your feed, then a currency
  7. Click "Upload"